1. N O I S E

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a sound, normally loud and causing disturbance

After reading the above definition, I instantly regretted my username decision. With it also being my Instagram name and my all around tag, I felt less confident of what I thought was a creative installment to my social status. TJ making noise. TJ making loud and disturbing sounds. Great start bro, great start.

Of course if you don’t know who I am, than all of this is probably making you super confused, so let’s take care of that.

My name is Timothy Judah Lawson, and no one ever calls me that unless I’m in trouble, but let us not dwell on such things. Timothy Judah is actually quite fitting since Timothy means honoring God, and Judah means worship, or praise…and it just so happens that God blessed me with this crazy gift of music with which I strive to use for his…

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