Church Planter: the Man, the Message, the Mission. Chapter 1: A Rescued Man

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This is my first attempt in years at recording what I’m learning and what I think about a book, so forgive me, dear reader, for being a bit rusty. My goal for this particular book is to not only write what I’ve learned from it but also my reasoning behind reading the book, which I’d like to start with.

Until recently, I’ve not really known what God called me to. He called me at the young age of 16 to a life of ministry, but until now, I didn’t know if that was worship ministry, youth ministry, senior pastor – and then, assuming a church or planting it – men’s ministry, small group ministry, children’s ministry, some of it, all of it, etc. And to this point, I’ve done some of each of these, but hadn’t sensed a confirmation from God that one or the other was the “right one.”…

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